Renison Associated Tin Mining Co No. 2

Hybrid combined from two locomotives


This view of May 2003 shows Krauss b/n 4087 in storage at the rear of the West Coast Pioneers Museum, Zeehan.

I believe it is a well-tank (WT) loco, with the main water reservoir situated between the frames.



Lokomotivfabrik Krauss & Co,

Munich, Germany



Builder’s Number & Year

4087 of 1899



Wheel Arrangement



This 0-4-0WT locomotive was originally constructed for the North Mt Lyell Copper Company, later transferring to their competitor the Mt Lyell Mining & Railway Company as their second No.6, one of the fleet of small Krauss locomotives at their Queenstown mines and smelter. From 1945 onwards it was in use by a third Tasmanian owner, the Renison Associated Tin Mining Company, where I believe it was No.2.

This locomotive was rebuilt in 1959 by the Renison Associated Tim Mining Company using components of sister Krauss b/n 5800 of 1907, which perhaps explains why the cab spectacle plate has one round window and one square! (Interestingly, the frame of Krauss b/n 5800 was used in creation of the 0-4-0WT Krauss locomotive at the Redwater Creek Railway.)

The little Krauss loco was plinthed in the Rotary Playground, Devonport from 1965 but photographs show that it became rather derelict during its time as a playground exhibit. Fortunately, it was rescued by the West Coast Pioneers Memorial Museum in 1983 and placed in storage at the rear of their museum at Zeehan. It was still stored at my last visit to Zeehan in May 2003, with the 'metal moths' having eaten further into the platework, no doubt encouraged by the wet west coast weather.

More recent photographs from the West Coast Pioneers Memorial Museum (now known as the West Coast Heritage Centre) show that, by 2019, Krauss b/n 4087 had moved under cover near the blacksmith's workshop at the rear of the museum. Hopefully this is the first step towards static restoration and display of this interesting and historic little steam locomotive.

This scanned photograph of May 1993 shows Krauss 4087 stored on blocks at the rear of the West Coast Pioneers Museum, Zeehan.

Krauss b/n 4087 plinthed in Devonport during January 1980.

This scanned slide view was kindly contributed by Graeme Nitz.



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