Known as “Rosie”


A detail photograph of 5367 at Cowra in 1996.

The Clyde Engineering “Phoenix” builder’s plate is prominent on the cabside.


The Clyde Engineering Co Ltd,

Granville NSW

Builder’s Number & Year

122 of 1914

Wheel Arrangement


No. in class



Standard Goods engine 5367 was originally issued to traffic as TF 985 on 7 August 1914 as one of the New South Wales Government Railways (NSWGR) TF(939) class 2-8-0 freight locomotives.  The TF(939) class was a locally-designed and built development of the earlier Beyer Peacock & Co built T(524) class (indeed the moniker TF is ostensibly derived from “T-class with Flanges”).  190 examples of the TF(939) class were built and these became the (D)53 class in the NSWGR 1924 renumbering, with TF 985 becoming 5367.

5367 was withdrawn from NSWGR service in July 1972 at the age of 58 years and with 2,174,613 km travelled.  It was condemned on 25 August 1972 but fortunately escaped the scrap man, instead being sold for the Lachlan Vintage Village at Forbes.  The Lachlan Vintage Village was an interesting local history museum featuring relocated historical buildings, a recreated Aboriginal camp and other displays relevant to the Lachlan River area.  From a railway perspective it included a 2’ gauge line using ex-sugar industry locomotives and a standard gauge railway which ringed the Village site.  Unfortunately the Lachlan Vintage Village did not succeed as an ongoing concern and the railway assets were progressively sold off.  Standard Goods loco 5367 was sold to the Lachlan Valley Railway, Cowra at an early stage of divestment, the ex-Sugar industry locomotives passed into private hands and the remaining standard-gauge steam locos 1919 (on gate duty), 3112 and 6042 went to auction in November 1986.

5367 has been based at the Lachlan Valley Railway (LVR) Cowra roundhouse depot for many years and has been available for rail tour & enthusiast operations for lengthy periods while cared for by LVR volunteers.  I understand 5367 is affectionately known as “Rosie” by LVR members.  For a period in the 1980’s, 5367 would often be stabled at the West Ryde Pumping Station in Sydney, permitting easy use on tours in the Sydney area.  One of the webmaster’s fondest memories from this time is a LVR recreation of the Cowan Bank engine operations; 5917 ran a tour from Hornsby station down to Hawkesbury River, where 5367 then attached for a double-headed run up Cowan Bank and through Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park back to Hornsby.  (Prior to electrification of this route, a small loco depot at Hawkesbury River had catered for an allocation of 6 or so Standard Goods Engines for banking duties on the steep and curving Cowan Bank.)

5367 received a full overhaul at Cowra during 1995; a number of photos on this page (circa 1996) date from its recent return to service around that time.  After another decade of service, I understand that 5367 “Rosie” has since been withdrawn and is now displayed in the LVR’s Cowra Roundhouse Museum, pending repairs.

For more general information about the TF(939) / (D)53 class, refer to the entry for 5353.


5367 crossing the Lachlan River bridge at Cowra, 1996.

For a period in the 1980’s, 5367 and train were often stabled at West Ryde Pumping Station in suburban Sydney.

5367 is seen in this old scanned photo (circa 1983) in company with its train of FS cars, a K-truck full of loco coal and surrounded by lighting-up wood.

(These sidings had been the domain of preserved loco MWS&DB No.4 during its working career, but are now long gone.)

A second view of 5367 at West Ryde, circa 1983.

At that stage 5367 was paired with a 3650-gallon tender (I believe the one normally paired with 3237).




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