Magnet No.2

Frames stored at Lune River


Two sets of 2’ gauge 0-4-0WT locomotive frames stored on wood-framed 4-wheel trucks at Lune River, as the webmaster found them on 4 May 2003.

For the left set of frames, details such as the inclined cylinders and prominent front plate frames match those of Tullah Tramway loco ‘Wee Mary’.

Similarly, the cylinder design and other details of the right set of frames match those of Tullah Tramway O&K b/n 718.

I’m not sure how these frames came to be at Lune River – further information on this point is welcome.


Orenstein & Koppel,
Berlin, Germany

Builder’s Number & Year

718 of 1901

Wheel Arrangement



Orenstein & Koppel builder's number 718 of 1901 was a 0-4-0WT locomotive built for the Magnet Mine near Waratah, Tasmania, where it was known as ‘Magnet No.2’. It moved to the North Mount Farrell Tramway at Tullah in 1910 and was in use there until about 1928 when replaced by the new Fowler locomotive ‘Wee Mary’.

Orenstein & Koppel B/N 718 appears in this listing of Preserved Orenstein & Koppel Steam Locomotives as still extant (frames only) at Evandale, south of Launceston, Tasmania, and previously at the Van Diemen Railway Society, Don.

My visit to the Ida Bay Railway at Lune River in Tasmania's south on 4 May 2003 revealed two unidentified set of locomotive frames stored in the rail sidings, as seen in the photos on this page. I believe the frames belong to the former North Mount Farrell Tramway (Tullah Tramway) locos ‘Wee Mary’ and O&K 718, the former Magnet No.2, although I am unsure how these remnants came to be at Lune River – further information on that point is welcome.

Alas, more recent visitors to Lune River report the two sets of 0-4-0WT locomotive frames are no longer riding on small wooden 4-wheel carts, instead now being dumped in the undergrowth. Hopefully these interesting artefacts can one day be retrieved and placed on display, perhaps at Tullah among the artefacts held by the Wee Georgie Wood Steam Railway.

Further information about these rusty old relics and how they came to be at Lune River is welcome.

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A closer view of the right set of frames, as seen at Lune River on 4 May 2003.

Various details match to photographs of O&K b/n 718, such as the horizontal cylinders with angled valve cover, the rail guard across front,

the distinctive smokebox saddle support, the ‘plate’ motion bracket and the frame step-down to the cab floor.

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Amongst the bric-a-brac at Lune River was this set of locomotive wheels, possibly from ‘Wee Mary’. 4 May 2003.

Also seen at Lune River was this old bogie wagon from the Zeehan & North Dundas Tram, with the axle cover dated 1896.



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November 2002.

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