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Germany awaiting her next steaming day in the BSTPS running shed, Bundaberg Botanic Gardens. 27 December 2004


Orenstein & Koppel,
Berlin, Germany

Builder’s Number & Year

6805 of 1914

Wheel Arrangement



The interesting little 0-4-0WT locomotive known as ‘Germany’ was built in Berlin by Orenstein & Koppel for the Millaquin Sugar Co Pty Ltd. Its working life was spent at the Millaquin Mill near Bundaberg, excepting at least one period on loan to the nearby Qunaba Mill. It was retired from service in 1963 and placed in a Bundaberg park by the Bundaberg East Rotary Club.

Orenstein & Koppel are well-known German manufacturers of various industrial and mechanical equipment, ranging from railway locomotives to excavators and lift systems. ‘Germany’ is typical of many small industrial locomotives built by Orenstein & Koppel during the earlier years of the company, with the company later building much larger steam locomotives such as the 2-10-0 ‘Kriegsloks’ for Deutsche Reichsbahn. A steady stream of small Orenstein & Koppel industrial locomotives were sold to various Australian operators prior to 1914 and (judging by these sales) they appear to have enjoyed a good reputation. This business ended abruptly with the tragedy of World War 1 and ‘Germany’ became the last O&K steam locomotive supplied to Australia for many years, with the market henceforth being dominated by UK-built locomotives. Indeed the story of Orenstein & Koppel makes for an interesting case study in the growth of German manufacturing & economic influence prior to 1914.

After 24 years plinthed in a Bundaberg park, ‘Germany’ was acquired by the Bundaberg Steam Tramway Preservation Society in 1987. Full overhaul and restoration to operation was completed in 1990 and the little loco now regularly hauls tourist trains around the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens. A plaque attached inside Germany’s cab reads:

“This plaque acknowledges the donation by the Rotary Club of Bundaberg East

of this historic locomotive ‘Germany’ for restoration by

Bundaberg Steam Tramway Preservation Society

Recommissioned 21 10 90”

The webmaster enjoyed a visit to the Bundaberg Steam Tramway Preservation Society (BSTPS) at Bundaberg Botanic Gardens on 27 December 2004 and a number of photos on this page date from that visit. BSTPS members were extremely welcoming to me and I warmly remember their hospitality. Their steam tramway takes a leisurely loop around the Botanic Gardens and other contained attractions, and offers a relaxing way to get around the gardens while escaping the worst of the tropical heat!

For more information about the various Orenstein & Koppel steam locomotives sold to Australia, refer to ‘Light Railways’ magazine of December 2015 (Number 246) which details all 33 O&K locos which operated here.

Germany departing the Botanic Gardens station in September 2004.

This photo was taken by Brian Wilson and kindly contributed (with permission) by BSTPS stalwart Ross Driver.





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