K 177

Former exhibit at Langhi Morgala Museum, Ararat


This photo is kindly provided by Gordon Ross and shows the frames and pony truck for K 177 under restoration during mid-2004.  This frame actually came from loco K 174, but the restored loco will bear the road number K 177.


K 177 was built at Victorian Railway's Newport Workshops in 1941. 

Following withdrawal, K 177 became an outdoor exhibit at the Langhi Morgala Museum at Ararat in Western Victoria.  K 177 was subsequently acquired by the Mornington Railway Preservation Society for restoration to operation.  Following dismantling for overhaul, the frame was found to have serious corrosion problems on the driver's side cylinder block, and accordingly the frame of sister K 174 is being used in the restoration of this loco.  (While normally the loco number stays with the frame, the MRPS wish to honour their agreement with the Langhi Morgala Museum to restore a locomotive numbered K 177.)  The original frame of K 177 is now at Hamilton (for further information on the Hamilton loco, refer to K 159 & K 174 pages).

The rebuilt "K 177"  will comprise a mixture of components from sister K-class locos: K 177's boiler, pony truck and tender, K 174's frames, and K 176's coupled wheels.  The locomotive will be named "City of Ararat".

Here is a useful Wikipedia link to general information about the K-class locomotives.


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