‘Perth’ ex-Macknade & Victoria Mills

Pete’s Hobby Railway, Junee


‘Perth’ (sans side tanks & tender) stored in the front yard of the owner’s home at Loftus on 8 January 2006.

Conservation and static restoration were slowly proceeding at the time of my visit.


John Fowler & Co, Leeds

Builder’s Number & Year

8766 of 1899

Wheel Arrangement



This locomotive was built as a 0-6-0T for the Colonial Sugar Refining Co. (CSR) and worked at a number of their mills including Macknade Mill, being last allocated to the nearby Victoria Mill, Ingham. It received a new boiler in 1932 and at some stage was fitted with an auxiliary tender to extend its range. The locomotives at Victoria Mill, Ingham generally carried names of Australian Capital cities, so I presume the name ‘Perth’ was bestowed at this mill. Perth was fully overhauled in 1965 and retained for a time as standby loco at Victoria Mill.

Upon retirement, Perth & tender were plinthed at an Ingham kindergarten, but the tropical climate took its toll and I imagine a steam locomotive wasn’t really suitable as playground equipment for young children, leading to the loco being removed in 1979. After some time in storage it was advertised for disposal in November 1982. Fortunately it was acquired for private preservation, entering the collection of a well-known Sydney enthusiast.

Perth arrived at the owner’s home in the Sydney suburb of Loftus, NSW in February 1983, joining two other ex-sugar industry steam locos in his private collection. While suburban homes usually have a car or two parked on the driveway, this house was notable for having the garage converted to a loco shed with a beautiful little Hunslet loco in residence, while Perth and Chiverton were parked in the front yard! The owner kindly permitted the webmaster to view and photograph his collection at Loftus on 8 January 2006 and the photos on this page dates from that visit.

The owner relocated from Loftus to Junee in 2015 and has now established a private line known as ‘Pete’s Hobby Railway’ on his property there. Static restoration of Perth was completed in December 2016, including fitting a set of replacement side-tanks.

The Pete’s Hobby Railway website includes further details for Perth and the other locomotives preserved here, together with updates on railway developments on site. A 2018 news item on the Pete’s Hobby Railway website indicated the welcome news that full overhaul and restoration of Perth to operation was underway following a successful boiler inspection. Apparently the loco is likely to be restored to original 0-6-0T configuration, rendering the rusted-out tender obsolete.

Perth’s replacement side-tanks stored at Loftus on 8 January 2006.

Behind can be seen Perth’s tender, together with Perry locomotive ‘Chiverton’.

Perth’s tender stored at Loftus on 8 January 2006.

The metal moth has been feasting on the platework!

Two loco sandboxes can be seen stored on the tender footplate.



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