From Moreton Mill, Nambour


Eudlo had recently been delivered to the Nambour Museum at the time of this photograph, 30 January 2004.

The headlight was missing at the time, but has since been refitted.
Eudlo has since been placed on display within a suitable covered area at the Nambour Museum.


John Fowler & Co, Leeds

Builder’s Number & Year

16207 of 1923

Wheel Arrangement



This Fowler locomotive worked at the Moreton Central Sugar Mill (usually known as the Moreton Mill), Nambour. The Moreton Mill tramway system was popular with rail enthusiasts as it was one of the most accessible tramway systems, being located only 100 kilometres north of Brisbane and close to the coastal holiday towns of Noosa and Maroochydore. The Moreton Mill system was also notable for having a major route threading through the heart of the town’s busy commercial district.

Upon retirement from cane haulage duties, Eudlo was placed on display outside the Moreton Mill. It seems the Mill management and staff took good care of Eudlo during its many years plinthed at Moreton Mill, for it doesn’t show the deterioration evident in so many plinthed locos.

Alas the Moreton Mill and tramway system closed in 2003, with the sugar refinery since demolished and the mill site redeveloped. A new home for Eudlo found nearby at the Nambour Museum, which has built a good collection of artefacts from the Moreton Mill and local sugar industry including several steam locomotives that once worked there.  At the time of my visit of 30 January 2004, Eudlo had recently been delivered to a storage area at the rear of the museum.

The Moreton Mill cane tramway route through the Nambour town centre earned a place on the National Register of Historic Places and remains preserved, albeit now an unused and isolated remnant of the once extensive tramway in the Nambour district.

Eudlo can today be seen nicely presented within a covered display area at the Nambour Museum, together with various other artefacts from Moreton Mill and the tramway system.

Eudlo resting in the yard at Moreton Mill, Nambour; this view kindly contributed by Anthony Winstone.

A sheet of corrugated iron covers the top of the spark-arresting balloon chimney, weighed down by a hefty brick!
A rake of 4-wheel whole-stick cane wagons is marshalled behind the loco, together with another of the resident loco fleet.

The ‘Danger’ warning plate on smokebox door is one of the many smaller detail fittings that still adorn Eudlo today.

My thanks to Cory Heath for this view of Eudlo at the Nambour Museum on 18 December 2012.



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