Silverton Tramway Co. Y 11

Displayed at Penrose Park, Silverton


Y 11 is seen displayed at Penrose Park, Silverton on 20 April 2014 .

Comparison with the 1996 photo at bottom of this page shows how Y 11's paint has faded in harsh Australian sun.

This locomotive was built by Beyer Peacock & Co, Manchester (builder's number 3535 of 1893) as one of the Silverton Tramway's Y-class engines, 19 of which were supplied by Beyer Peacock & Co between 1888 and 1907 for mineral traffic between Broken Hill and the South Australian Railways interchange at the NSW / SA border town of Cockburn. (The Silverton Tramway also operated 2 examples of the 2-6-2T variety of Y-class design.)

The Silverton Tramway Y-class locomotives remained in largely original condition throughout their working lives, retaining original boiler dimensions and Beyer Peacock finishes such as the copper-top chimney.  Y 11 displays some Silverton Tramway modifications such as the addition of lead ballast weights (on the running board above the driving wheels) in order to increase adhesion and hence tractive effort, a large compressed air receiver for air braking, and electric lighting apparatus.

Y 11 was withdrawn from service in 1960.  While several Silverton Y & A-class locomotives were sold for scrap in 1965, fortunately Y 11 was donated to the Penrose Park Trust and in September 1965 it was placed on display in the grounds of Penrose Park in the historic township of Silverton.  Here Y 11 carries an attractive lined green livery and received a repaint by a group of volunteers in 1996, however this livery was rather worn by the time of my visit to Penrose Park on 20 April 2014.  None-the-less, the generally dry climate at Silverton appears to have been relatively kind to Y 11 over its many years at Penrose Park.

Broadside view of Y 11 at Penrose Park.

The lead weights can be seen sitting on the running board above the driving wheels (painted silver).

Atop the lead weight is a large compressed air receiver, and a generator for the electric lighting.

Y 11 is displayed with the tender from sister Y 13.

This rather faded information board provides some history for Y 11.

Another view of Y 11.

Rear view.

Here is an earlier slide image of Y 11 at Silverton in approximately 1996, shortly after being repainted by a group of volunteers.

This image was kindly provided by Ken Kimmins.

The abandoned Silverton Tramway Co. railway station at Silverton, seen on 20 April 2014.

While all the Silverton Tramway rails were lifted after closure of the narrow gauge route to Broken Hill,

the platform road only was retained through the Silverton Station, presumably for historical interest.




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published by The Mile End Railway Museum (SA) Inc, 1986.


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