A & D Munro Shay No.2

Lima 2097 of 1908


The boiler of one of the Munro Shays in storage at Albion Park on 13 October 2002.

Clearly visible on the firebox sheets are indents where scrap collectors had blasted off the cylinder castings.

This small A-type Shay locomotive was built by Lima Locomotive Works, Ohio (builder's number 2097 of 1908) as the second of two Shays purchased a timber line known as Munro's Hampton Tramway, which was built to 2' 6" gauge and with very steep gradients of up to 1:9. The line followed Perseverance Creek for part of its length and is sometimes referred to as Munro's Hampton-Perseverance Tram.

Munro's Hampton Tramway closed in 1936 and the two Shay locomotives remained on site, slowly slipping into dereliction. At some stage they were scavenged for scrap metal, with damage to the boilers showing that explosives were used to remove the cylinder assemblies. However significant components of the two Shay locomotives survived and these were donated to the Illawarra Light Railway Society in 1974 and transported to their Albion Park museum in New South Wales.

The Illawarra Light Railway & Museum (ILRMS) is slowly rebuilding the salvaged components of the two Shay locomotives into a single operable exhibit, based on Lima B/N 906.  After many years of storage at Albion Park, a Shay boiler, tender tank, 2' 6" bogies and other components deemed surplus to the ILRMS Shay locomotive rebuild were sold in 2006 to Sketches Mountain Resort at Ravensbourne, Queensland. Sketches Mountain Resort is apparently situated near the route of Munro's Hampton Tramway and the resort was planning a static display of a Shay locomotive in a replica engine shed. The Shay components departed the ILRMS at Albion Park for Ravensbourne on 14 February 2006.

In 2017 I received updated information that the Sketches has been and a new group has now taken over preserving the Shay locomotive parts, with plans to mount the locomotive undercover beside the former Tramway route.  This group has established a website providing history of Munro’s Hampton Tramway, the Shay locomotives and their rebuild project.

Fact sheets for Lima B/Nos. 906 & 2097 can be found at the excellent Shaylocomotives.com website.

For an approximation of the original appearance of these two Shay locomotives, refer to the page for the Mapleton Tramway Shay (Lima 2091 of 1908).

The original bunker of Lima 2097 of 1908 in storage among other bric-a-brac at Albion Park on 13 October 2002.

The faded black paint & lettering probably relates to the 1978-79 period when No.2 was reassembled for static display.





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