Tully Mill No.4

Privately owned


Tully Mill No.4 and two 4-wheel coaches run around the narrow-gauge circuit at the Lachlan Vintage Village, Forbes in December 1975.

This view is a zoom-in from a slide image kindly contributed by Graeme Nitz.


John Fowler & Co, Leeds

Builder’s Number & Year

16340 of 1925

Wheel Arrangement



Tully Mill No.4 is typical of the many small steam locomotives which worked the 2’ gauge sugar tramways of Queensland.  It the fourth of a batch of five locos ordered for Tully Central Sugar Mill, arriving in early 1925 and numbered 1 - 5. At that time Tully Mill was under construction by the Queensland state government, and in 1931 the mill was sold to local growers to become the Tully Co-operative Sugar Milling Association Ltd. Tully Mill No.4 received a number of modifications and modernisations during its years of sugar haulage, including the addition of a rear coal bunker.

In preservation, Tully Mill No.4 was originally intended to join the large collection of 2’ gauge steam locomotives at the Goulburn Steam Museum at Marsden Weir, but was instead forwarded to the Lachlan Vintage Village at Forbes circa 1974, where it was restored it to working order. Here it gave tourist rides with a short train of 4-wheel passenger cars on a loop track around the Lachlan Vintage Village exhibitions. Sister loco Tully Mill No.5 (Fowler B/N 16341 of 1924) was also stored at the Lachlan Vintage Village at that time, ostensibly as a source of spare parts.

Unfortunately the Lachlan Vintage Village did not enjoy ongoing success and its railway operations were closed after a few years, leading to an auction of their railway equipment in 1986. Tully Mill No.4 was purchased by the management of the Goulburn Steam Museum, together with two 4-wheel carriages, and relocated to Marsden Weir, Goulburn. The loco was reported in 1997 as being under restoration at the Marsden Weir Steam Museum, and it apparently worked there for several years over the tourist railway which linked the historic pump house with the museum entrance gates. Unfortunately the railway at the Marsden Weir Steam Museum had been removed by the time of my visit in 2003, although the historic original Appleby Beam Engine pump and Galloway Boilers at this National Trust registered site remain well worth a visit.

Tully Mill No.4 was apparently sold to an enthusiast for private preservation and relocated to the spa town of Daylesford, Victoria. Light Railways magazine of February 2011 (Number 217) included a photograph and news report showing the locomotive under repair in a sawmill workshop at Daylesford. I believe it may have since moved to Geelong, Victoria.

Some sources have reported this loco as B/N 16339 of 1924 (Tully Mill No.3), and indeed I had it listed as such until 2021. John Browning’s catalogue of preserved sugar locos (referenced below) lists it as Tully Mill No.4 (B/N 16340) and I understand it was known as No.4 during its preservation career, hence I have amended this website to show No.4. Perhaps someone can clarify if any frame stamps or other definitive evidence has been found to confirm its identity.

I would appreciate the contribution of additional photographs and further information for this locomotive, either at Tully Mill, Lachlan Vintage Village, Marsden Weir or Daylesford.

A second view of Tully Mill No.4 and tourist train at the Lachlan Vintage Village, Forbes in December 1975; image courtesy of Graeme Nitz.

The train is passing some of the replica and relocated pioneer buildings that were a feature of the Lachlan Vintage Village.




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