36 Class boilers

Surplus from NSWGR departmental use


These four (C)36 class Belpaire boilers were in use as static steam plant at Eveleigh Workshops.

They were gas-fired and have other modifications such as short smokeboxes.

The chimneys are also a little outside of the railway loading gauge!

Today the boilers are part of the industrial ambience of the Advanced Technology Park, Redfern.

This photo is dated 17 August 2013.

The New South Wales Government Railways apparently favoured (C)36 class boilers for use as stationary steam plant at their various railway workshops, with a significant number surviving in this role for several decades after the demise of steam traction.  Several of these boilers have since been obtained by railway preservation groups, either as spares, curios or exhibits.  Surviving (C)36 class boilers include:

·         Eveleigh Railway Workshops, Sydney – Four gas-fired boilers which provided the main steam supply (photo above) and are now part of the historical artefacts retained on site at the Advanced Technology Park, Redfern.

·         Trainworks, Thirlmere – Three boilers, tab 3605B, 3634B and another, with one displayed on a well wagon in the main display hall.  A spare (C)36-class tender (tab 3617) was also obtained as late as approximately 1988 and is currently paired with loco 5711 at the Valley Heights Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum.

·         Dorrigo Steam Railway & Museum Collection – One boiler, as per photograph below.

·         Canberra Railway Museum – Two boilers (photo below); I believe at one stage this organisation had sought to restore a (C)36 class loco under long-term loan from the NSWRTM collection at Thirlmere.

I understand that a bank of three older, original ‘round-top’ (C)36 class boilers also remain at either the Cardiff Workshops or Broadmeadow Loco Depot, Newcastle, where they provided the workshops steam supply.  Confirmation and / or contribution of photos of these boilers would be most welcome!

One of two spare (C)36 class boilers stored by the AHRS at Canberra Railway Museum.

Stencilled on the barrel is the warning: “Repaired but not tested”.  5 August 2012

A second view of (C)36 class boilers stored by the ARHS (ACT Division) at the Canberra Railway Museum.

The boiler on the left shows a similar smokebox modification to the 4 Eveleigh examples.

It still has boiler clothing fitted with the faded remains of green livery.  5 August 2012

A spare (C)36 class boiler displayed on a well wagon at Trainworks, Thirlmere, seen on 7 January 2012.

A second view of the spare (C)36 class boiler displayed at Trainworks, Thirlmere on 7 January 2012.

My thanks to Joel Turner for contributing this view of a (C)36 class boiler stored at Dorrigo on 11 February 2013.

It shows the same modifications as other ex-stationary (C)36-class boilers:

A shortened smokebox, wide chimney flare, modified steam dome and - rather improbably - green livery.



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