Beautifully restored by NSWRTM volunteers


This view shows the magnificently restored 2510 displayed at Thirlmere on 6 March 2011.


Beyer Peacock & Co, Manchester

Builder’s Number & Year

2082 of 1881

Wheel Arrangement


No. in class



The (B) 205-class were developed by Beyer Peacock & Co from their earlier (A) 93-class 0-6-0 locomotives by the addition of a leading pony truck, to help steer these larger locomotive into curves.  The class were designed for main line freight duties and the class grew to 70 locomotives with three repeat orders from Beyer Peacock & Co.  They became the (Z)25 class in the New South Wales Government Railways’ 1924 renumbering scheme, receiving running numbers 2501 (the former class leader B 205) to 2570.

The first 50 units had open cabs, round-top boilers and Salter safety valves; at a later stage they were rebuilt with Belpaire boilers and handsome wooden cabs.  Engines delivered in the final order of 20 locomotives received “cut-away” cabsides, similar to the example fitted to preserved (Z)19 class engine 1923.

Inevitably the (Z) 25 class were relegated to secondary roles as more modern and powerful steam locomotives became available.  A number were sold to industrial, colliery and quarry operations.

2510 remained in NSWGR service through its life and was one of the early exhibits saved for preservation by the New South Wales Rail Transport Museum.  2510 was the subject of a very thorough and lengthy static restoration by a group of NSWRTM volunteers.  It is proudly displayed in the main exhibit hall at Trainworks, Thirlmere where it wears black livery.  A nice finishing touch to its display is the headlight, marker and cab lights are lit, which adds life to the exhibit.

Cousins to the NSWGR (B)205 / Z(25) class locomotives were two copies built by Beyer Peacock & Co for the Midland & South-Western Junction Railway (M&SWJR) in England.  Although these two locomotives are long gone, an enthusiast group hopes to build a replica; further details and photos can be found on their Galloping Gertie website.

The (Z) 27-class 2-6-0 locomotives (represented in preservation by 2705) were fitted with (Z) 25-class boilers when their original non-standard boilers wore out.  Accordingly a spare Z(25) boiler had been stored at the NSWRTM Thirlmere for many years; this spare boiler was swapped into 2705 at its most recent overhaul.

Further information about this locomotive can be found on the NSW Government Office of Environment & Heritage datasheet for 2510.

This information board displayed alongside 2510 provides a good summary of the (B) 205 / Z (25) class history.

The Beyer Peacock & Co builder's plate affixed to the centre driving wheel splasher.  6 March 2011.

A view into the cab.

Detail of 2510’s wooden cab.  Later class members had steel “cut-away” cab sides.

Unfortunately 2510 has been missing its connecting rods since entering preservation.

This state of affairs give some insight to the founding days of the NSWRTM,

when the initial exhibits were retrieved from the scrap roads at Enfield depot.




"A Compendium of New South Wales Steam Locomotives" compiled by Alex Grunbach,

published by the Australian Railway Historical Society, New South Wales Division, 1989, pp.94 & 108.


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