Mount Lyell No.2

(Abt No.2)

Displayed at the Tasmanian Transport Museum


2 Abt is normally displayed within the replica roundhouse at the TTM but is seen outside the roundhouse during shunting operations in this photo kindly provided by Stuart Dix.

Abt No.2 was built by Dubs & Co, Glasgow in 1898 as their builder's number 3594 (a) for use on the Abt-rack railway linking the rich mining town of Queenstown with the port of Strahan.  Eventually 5 of these Abt locomotives were purchased for use on the rack-railway portion of the route, together with a number of conventional steam locomotives including three chunky Baldwin 0-6-0T engines and - much later - two third-hand New Zealand Railways Wf-class 2-6-4T locos. (c)


Abt No.2 was donated to the TTM, Glenorchy by the Mt Lyell Mining & Railway Company after closure of their line in 1963.  It is normally displayed within the replica roundhouse at the Tasmanian Transport Museum at Glenorchy, Hobart.  Abt No.2's curatorial value as a significant locomotive exhibit is now enhanced following the rebuilding of surviving sister locomotives Abt No.1, No.3 & No.5 for operation on the West Coast Wilderness Railway, as it is now the only survivor which remains in exactly "as withdrawn" design and construction. (d)


A history of the Abt tanks and Abt No.2 is provided in the exhibit guide book "Locomotives of the Tasmanian Transport Museum". (b)  (The webmaster considers the Tasmanian Transport Museum as a fine museum with a variety of well restored railway, tramway and road exhibits, and thoroughly recommends a visit!)


Lou Rae has written a number of excellent books on the railways of Tasmania's West Coast, including "The Abt Railway & Railways of the Lyell region" (c) which gives an excellent account of the building and operations of the Mt Lyell Mining & Railway Company, together with competing interests.




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